Expert advice on whether UV-cure is the most appropriate technology to suit your process. UV light / cure / paint / coatings

Free Advice
Speed, efficiency, quality, and environment friendliness are what we are all about.
Our experts will give unbiased advice on which fast drying technology is best for your project.

  • Microwave activated UV cure
  • UV Arc lamps
  • UV LED
  • Hot air or IR Quick-Dry Aqueous

If these are not the most appropriate technology to suit your process, we can put you in touch with other companies which may help you further.
If you are converting to UV cure or setting up from scratch, we can help with the design of curing lines and application equipment layout.

We are agents for UV LED lamps and the New Zealand Agent for Heraeus Noblelight UV Equipment. For more information see our Equipment page.

Contact us to talk through which lamps may suit your needs best.

We formulate coatings to your needs. If you would like a coating formulated and contract coated, we can put you in touch with appropriate coaters/printers/painters and supply coating to you or to them.

Pilot line
We have a pilot Roll-Coat UV line with High intensity UV lamps and UV LEDs and can demonstrate coatings on your substrate drying at speeds from 5 – 120 m/min, wet to dry in a fraction of a second.
We can also demonstrate Quick-Dry Aqueous spray or roll coatings drying in 30 seconds under hot air or 5 – 10 minutes at ambient temperature.

Chemistry design – leading the way!
Formulating is what we do best. The coatings, adhesives, compounds etc. can be from our range of UV and Aqueous chemistry – or be bespoke for your process.

As a research and development company we run in-house investigations into new raw materials, application methods and product types. This helps us to stay ahead of the curve and makes us a good partner for those inventors, entrepreneurs and businesses who are pushing the boundaries of their industry or creating completely new ways of doing things.

We don’t simply manufacture and sell products, we perfect them. Our research and testing programs constantly provide innovation, which means that if we think that we can give you improved performance; you’ll be the first to know.

We frequently work with application equipment specialists to get the best results for you.

We are happy to work with you. Perhaps you would like to combine conventional paints with UV Cure products for enhanced performance e.g. UV Coatings and sealers with Topcoats from your favourite conventional paint company, or our water-based Quick Dry Paints.

Export / Import
We service the local New Zealand market and export to Australia, USA, and many countries around the world.
Contact us for more information. 

Benefits of UV and Aqueous Quick-dry

  • Speed, speed, speed – no more rack drying with UV coating. Return rooms to service quicker with Quick-dry Aqueous paints or UV Cure-in-place (CIP).
  • Quick turn-around – sand immediately after first coat to get that perfect finish on subsequent coats.
  • Less wash-up – UV coatings don’t dry unless exposed to UV light. Wash-up is not normally needed – just part rollers etc. and cover.
  • Environment – UV and Quick Dry Aqueous can get the “green tick”.  Virtually NO VOCs.
  • Quality – scratch and mar resistance are unmatched where needed.  Also very flexible, moisture resistant coatings are achievable.
  • Enabling – need to stop substrate swelling upon water-based painting?  UV seal it first!

 Services – UV-cure is the most appropriate technology to suit your process.