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UV Curing Equipment


There are four main ways of creating UV Light useful for curing UV paints, inks and coatings.

  • Microwave energised lamps: High peak irradiance and lower heat input than arc lamps. Long bulb life.
  • UV LEDs: Lowest heat input. Very long life.
  • Arc Lamps: Older technology but still appropriate in some situations.
  • UV Lasers: Sometimes useful for marking, additive manufacturing etc.

Whitehall Technical Services Ltd can source microwaved energised UV lamps from Heraeus Noblelight America LLC (previously Fusion Systems). See data sheets below for some of the products that we can source for you. We also carry a small range of common spare parts for these units or can get them in for you.

We can source UV LEDs for situations where the power of a Fusion or arc lamp is not required – formulating chemistry for these lamps is a speciality of ours.

For UV measurement, Whitehall represents EIT in NZ and can source various power pucks to monitor the performance of your lamps – see data sheets below.

We also have contacts for arc lamps, lasers and machines for cure of Field applied UV cure coatings as well as application equipment of various types – CONTACT US.

We can assist in selection of application equipment or we can work with your preferred supplier to match machines to chemistry. A collaborative approach is often the best, and we have good working relationships with a range of suppliers

Remember also that we may be able to arrange for your products to be contract coated – ask us.



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Hand Held 500Watt unit
Battery powered hand held unit
300 Watt stackable unit

Heraeus / Fusion


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Light Hammer
UV Curing
LC6 Conveyor

EIT Power Puck


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