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Chemistry for Graphics industry. UV light – UV cure/ paint / coatings

NEW ZEALAND UV CURE SPECIALISTS – UV and aqueous environment friendly

Our Eco-friendly products feature UV Cure and water-based chemistry for all the fields below. These are the alternatives to polluting and unhealthy solvent-based products.

Why use UV?

  • SPEED – can achieve wet to dry in less than 1 second.
  • Virtually no VOC’s emitted.
  • Extremely hard & scratch resistant or extremely soft & elastic!
  • Extremely moisture & gas resistant.

Why use our Quick-dry Aqueous?

  • Rapid drying by hot air, infrared, or ambient dry.
  • Can achieve FDA compliance status.
  • Extremely low VOC’s

Product Categories

Building Components & Furniture Products

For all application methods: Roll coat, curtain coat, vacuum coat, spray lines, mobile curing lamp systems (link to CIP) etc.

  • UV or Aqueous Paints, fillers, sanding sealers, colour coats, wear resistant coats.
  • Laminating adhesives for glass (eg bandit resistant or decorative), plastics, labels etc.
  • Barrier Coatings.
  • We can formulate for almost any substrate from wood, MDF, fibre cement board, plasterboard, glass, fibreglass, metal, plastic.
  • Specialised functional coatings such as fire resistant, non-yellowing, laser markable systems.
  • Our products are used for flooring, mouldings, walls, door skins, ceilings, decking and Furniture components.
  • Undercoats, sealers, and moisture barriers are our specialty.
  • We provide a colour matching service for colour coats.
  • Our UV Cure coatings will be dry in a fraction of a second. The coating is 100% solids so virtually no VOC’s are released in drying

Quick-dry Aqueous paint for professional painters – get multiple coats done in a day.

  • Generally, spray applied, our aim here is to save time by allowing an earlier re-coat.
  • Under the right conditions our Quick-dry systems can be dry in 60 seconds under hot air, or 10 mins in ambient conditions. These coatings are water reduced and environment friendly..

UV Roll-coat: Clear gloss, matt, satin, or pick your colour.  We have standard colours and can colour match for you.  Let us demo for you.

Vacuum coat: So you need to coat all 4 sides of a moulding – this is the best way, UV or Aqueous.  We can put you onto machine manufacturers.

Curtain coat or spray: Get the ultimate wet look gloss finishes.

Flooring systems: UV sealers, wear resist and scratch resist systems for machine application – or cure-in-place (CIP) systems.  We can help you with equipment.

CONTACT US to design a product for your end 

Graphics Industry

  • UV cure and Aqueous coatings and inks for Offset, Flexographic, Screen-Print and Ink Jet application.
  • We specialise in Low odour UV systems for food packaging with co-polymerisable photoinitiators to avoid migration and taint.
  • We tailor coatings to specific coefficients of friction (super-slip to grip) to facilitate packing line efficiency.
  • All gloss levels can be formulated for (Wet look gloss to dead matt).
  • UV and Aqueous coatings, overglosses, adhesives, and inks.
  • UV Laminating adhesives for both easy and difficult substrates.
  • UV release agents for scratch off etc.
  • Gas and moisture barriers.
  • Domes, lenses, “raindrops” etc.
  • Aqueous coatings including FDA compliant for the printing and packaging industry.


Chemistry for All Sorts of Things

UV curing has an unending number of uses which capitalise on the high speed of cure and film build which can be achieved with 100% solids materials.

These are liquid at room temperature but are converted entirely to a solid under UV light, without the need for an evaporation phase in the drying process.

Some examples are

  • UV conformal coats and sealers for electronics and circuit boards.  Keep moisture and insects out.
  • UV Glass assembly adhesives including bandit resistant laminated glass and decorative glass.
  • UV Pultrusion binders and coatings. Make long thin stuff such as support rods for fibre optics, coatings for fence standards or insulation members.
  • UV medical device or dentistry device assembly.
  • UV cure fibre-glass systems.
  • Coatings for pipe and rod to stop corrosion.
  • Factory floor line marking (CIP).
  • Additive manufacturing and 3D printing.
  • Encapsulants

Cure In Place (CIP) / Field Applied Coatings

WTS Cure in Place (UVCIP) coatings are designed to be applied and “mowed dry” with a “UV Lawnmower” to bring the room/garage/factory/shop back into service very rapidly.
Roller or squeegee are the preferred application methods, and the UV cure machines can be arc lamp or UVLED equipped.
WTS can advise sources of CIP UV cure machines or we can refer you to contractors to get a job done, or be a part of a group specialising in this work.
CONTACT US to get data sheets on “The Light Fantastic” range of UVCIP coatings and some companion Aqueous air dry coatings.