Rapid Drying Specialists

UV Cure & Eco Friendly Coatings, Paints, Resins, Inks, adhesives

Welcome to Whitehall Technical Services Ltd

Providing industrial drying efficiency for paints & coatings is what we do.

First and Foremost, we sell speed.

UV light – UV cure – UV paint – UV coatings – NEW ZEALAND UV CURE SPECIALISTS – UV and aqueous environment friendly

Paint,   Inks,   Coatings,   Resins,   Adhesives,   Sealants,   Field applied (Cure In Place),   Additive Manufacturing materials

Formulated to dry/cure by:   High Intensity UV,   UV LED,   IR/Air Quick dry Aqueous

Tailor coatings to your needs re colour, application method and substrate 

Test your coating and substrate under our inhouse UV lamps and LEDs

Advise on Lamp set up for optimal results

We can help with the design of curing lines

Connect you to contract coaters or machine builders

Who we are

Whitehall Technical Services limited is a 100% privately owned New Zealand company specialising in the research into and the manufacture of, rapid drying coatings for industry.

We are focused on you. Our experienced chemists have in depth knowledge of formulating coatings across a wide range of industries.
We can tailor our coatings to your needs or create something new.

Rapid Drying Specialists


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quality system.

Need to run faster and save space?

What is UV?

Ultraviolet (UV) curing is a photochemical process in which high intensity UV light is used to instantly cure and crosslink coatings, paints, inks, adhesives etc.  As they are cured, rather than dried via evaporation, the coatings are 100% solids. This means that the film weight you apply wet is the film weight you get dry.  There is nothing to evaporate from the coating during the drying process normally.


Why UV?

Higher quality finished product

Improved scratch resistance

Improved solvent resistance

Facilitates superior bonding

Reduced reject rates

High moisture resistance

Efficiency Gains & Cost Reduction

Greatly increased production speed

Reduced drying space – no more racks

Reduced lead times

Reduced labour costs

Ability to immediately sand primers

Immediate handling and packaging

Less waste

No need to wash up; just exclude light.

Green Technology

Provides a healthier environment to workers than solvent technology.

Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) & air pollutant

Lower flammability

Much lower energy requirement than thermal drying.

Is the drying time of coatings a problem for you? UV products are wet to dry in the blink of an eye with UV cure.

No more drying racks or touch ups due to contact damage.

Our Aquaspray QD Quick-Dry Water based coatings dry by IR or fast air drying for those not ready for UV cure but needing fast turn-around and recoat-ability.


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