UV Chemistry:

Chemistry for Graphics industry-

UV offset, flexo and screen inks. UV and Aqueous coatings, overglosses and adhesives including low odour systems for food packaging. UV laminating systems, release agents, gas/moisture barriers, domes and lenses etc. We specialise in UV coatings with co-polymerisable photoinitiators to avoid migration/taint, and coatings with specific coefficients of friction to facilitate packing line efficiency. All gloss levels and all means of application from gravure to ink jet can be formulated for. CONTACT US for details or to design a product for your end use.

Chemistry for Building and Furniture products-

Everything for rollcoat, curtaincoat or spray lines -- UV and aqueous fillers, sanding sealers, colourcoats, and wear resistant coats. Also specialised functional coatings such as fire resistant and laser markable systems for almost any substrate from wood to glass, flooring to furniture components. Cure-in-place or field applied coatings are now also available with special mobile or hand held lamps to cross-link these coatings in situ. CONTACT US to arrange a demonstration or to discuss your proposed process in confidence.

Chemistry for All Sorts Of Things-

UV curing has an unending number of uses which capitalise on the high speed of cure and film build which can be achieved with 100% solids materials (liquid at room temperature but converted entirely to a solid under UV light without the need for an evaporation phase in the drying process). Some examples are - Electronic encapsulants/adhesives, glass assembly adhesives, medical device adhesives/coatings, pultrusion resins/coatings, resins and photoinitiators for the GRP/fibreglass industry.

If you can dream it, chances are we can make it work. CONTACT US to kick it around.

Our "Cure-in-place" coatings are combinations of aqueous and 100% solids coatings which can be applied on site rather than by OEM machines. This requires specialised hardware (see below) for cross-linking to achieve "two pot" quality with a single pot. It also saves valuable time - especially useful when rooms need to be brought into service without delay. We can supply the training and safety procedures for handling UV chemistry and UV equipment -- CONTACT US

Fusion Systems-

Microwave energised UV lamps from Fusion are used in hundreds of industrial ultraviolet curing applications. From the economical F300 to the ultra high output 10 inch Light Hammer, Fusion offers a wide range of products so that you can choose the right system for your process. Whitehall carries common spare parts for these lamps such as bulbs, RF screens etc so that maintenence can be done in a timely manner. Click HERE for data sheets on some of the Fusion range.

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Some jobs are more suited to arc lamps - such as the mobile floor curing units used for our CIP or cure-in-place coatings, or hand held units for automotive repair etc. CONTACT US for details or to arrange a demonstration and help you choose the most appropriate equipment. Check our Gallery page - we will soon have more visuals on this.

Machines for paint application can be supplied or we can work with your prefered supplier to match machines to chemistry. A collaberative approach is often the best, and we have good working relationships with a range of suppliers.
Remember also that we may be able to arrange for your product to be contract coated - ask us.